daftar korban Madoff

Tematik : skema Ponzi

Company / institution alleged fraud sources
HSBC 1 billion USD FT
Access International 1.4 billion USD clusterStock
Fortis Bank 1.4 billion USD clusterStock
Man Group’s RMF division 350 million USD FT
Tremont Capital 3.3 billion USD FT
Pioneer Investments, an arm of Italy’s UniCredit 835 million USD FT
Union Bancaire Privet 1.1 billion USD clusterStock
Benbasset & Cie 935 million USD clusterStock
BBVA 404 million USD clusterStock
Maxam Capital Management LLC 280 million USD WSJ
Fairfield Greenwich Group 7.3 billion USD Bloomberg
Fix Asset Management 400 million USD Bloomberg
Kingate Management Ltd. 2.8 billion USD Bloomberg
Santander € 2.33 billion (3.1 billion USD) WSJ
Ira Roth’s family 1 million USD WSJ
J. Ezra Merkin 1.8 billion USD WSJ
Richard Spring 11 million USD WSJ
Elie Wiesel’s Foundation For Humanity 37 million USD clusterStock
Banque Benedict Hentsch, Geneva-based private bank 47.5 million USD clusterStock



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